Botany and its discipline

first major biological science - botany.She has been studying plants.Botany is divided into many disciplines, which can also be regarded as biological.Algology studies algae.Plant anatomy studies the structure of tissues and cells of plants as well as on how these laws are developing tissue.Bryology studying bryophytes plants dendrology - wood.Karpologija studying seeds and fruits of plants.

lichenology - the science of lichens.Mycology - about mushrooms, mikogeorgafiya - about their distribution.Paleobotany - section of Botany, who studies fossil plants.Palynology studying pollen grains and spores of plants.Science systematics of plants engaged in their classification.Phytopathology exploring various plant diseases caused by pathogenic and environmental factors.Veterinary exploring the flora, historically defined terr
itory on the set of plants.

Science ethnobotanist studying the interaction of people and plants.Geobotany - the science of the Earth's vegetation, on plant communities - phytocenoses.Geography studies the patterns of plant distribution.The morphology of the plant - the science of the laws of the structure of plants.Plant physiology - the functional activity of organisms of plants.

Zoology and Microbiology

second major branch of biology called zoology, he has been studying the animals.This section also many of its disciplines.Acarologists studying ticks.Physical anthropology - the study of the origin and evolution of the human races.Melittology studying honeybees Arachnology - arachnids, helminthology - parasitic worms, herpetology - amphibians and reptiles.

Ichthyology - the science of fish, carcinology - for crustaceans, cetology - about cetaceans conchology - a shellfish, myrmecology - ants, nematology - about roundworms oology - the eggs of animals, ornithology - about birds.Paleozoology studying the fossils of animals planktologiya - plankton, ethology - primates theriology - mammals, entomology - insect protozoology - celled.Ethology has been studying animal instincts.

third major branch of biology - microbiology.This science studies invisible to the naked eye, living organisms: bacteria, archaea, fungi and microscopic algae, viruses.Accordingly, selected and Forums: virology, mycology, bacteriology, etc.