ozone layer

atmosphere surrounding the planet Earth is heterogeneous and consists of multiple layers of different composition and density.One of these layers is ozone.It arose as a result of the interaction of oxygen released by photosynthesis with ultraviolet rays, the source of which is the sun.The height of this layer is different - it is at the poles 7-8 km at the equator - 17-18 km, its thickness is also not uniform, it is at the poles is equal to 4 mm at the equator - 2 mm.

This transparent layer is a kind of invisible shield that protects all life on the planet from the harmful ef
fects of ultraviolet rays.Excess UV dose acts like radioactive rays, which leads, in particular, to the development of cancer.Shielded from the action of ultraviolet radiation the earth, the ozone layer keeps on its surface and constant temperature conditions suitable for life of people, animals and plants.

But as a result of ill-conceived economic activity of this fragile ozone layer is destroyed under the influence of many factors.The main danger is harmful gases released during combustion: carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen.In addition, the danger is, and compounds containing chlorine, which destroys ozone molecules, depriving them of their protective power.Scientists believe that global warming is a threat to life on Earth, due to thinning and "holes" in the ozone layer.

Law on the Protection of the Ozone Layer

facts are irrefutable evidence that global temperature has been increasing steadily, and the number of cancer is growing, forced the governments of all industrialized countries to adopt laws aimed at limiting the destructive activities and the protection of the ozone layer.He was given the status of an important natural site subject to legal protection.

Russia also adopted a number of regulations which not only limit the harmful effects on the ozone layer, but also to provide for measures for its recovery.The main one is the Law "On Environmental Protection", which sets out measures to protect the environment and eliminate factors harmful effect on the ozone layer.These measures include international law, in particular the 1987 Montreal Protocol.It establishes control of the production and use of harmful gases, and obliges member states of the agreement to phase out their production and use.