Earth's crust (geosphere) is called a solid shell of our planet.Most of it is under the hydrosphere, because the large surface area of ‚Äč‚Äčland occupied by the oceans, but on a smaller surface exposed to the atmosphere.Under the crust is the mantle, it is much more dense and consists mostly of refractory elements.
Earth's crust can be divided into the continental and oceanic.The crust of the ocean is considered to be relatively young.The oldest portions of it, according to scientists, were formed during the Jurassic period.Bark ocean has mostly basaltic composition.It is formed from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, to the sides of their location, and in some areas sinking into the mantle.
oceanic crust can be attrib
uted to the ocean lithosphere.The locations of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge lithospheric layer may be almost absent, its thickness is dependent on the age, in contrast to most of the cortex.However, the farther removed the lithosphere from the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, the more increases its thickness, then the rate of increase is reduced.
The average thickness of the oceanic crust is about 5-7 kilometers.The thickness of the crust of the ocean remains almost unchanged, because it determines the amount of the alloy, which is isolated from the mantle where there are mid-Atlantic ridge, affects the thickness of sediment on the bottom.
continental earth's crust is mainly located under the top layer, which consists of gneiss and granite, it has an ancient history and has a low density, its usual structure consists of three layers.The layer, which is on, is formed sediments.The bulk of the rocks formed long ago, about three billion years ago.Under this layer is actually the earth's crust, which is composed of specific breeds, such as granulites and the like.
bark can only move horizontally or vertically.Chemical, radioactive and thermal reactions lead to the fact that the lithosphere is subject to fluctuations.Modern scholars believe that all people are familiar with the continents emerged after the horizontal displacement of lithospheric plates.
offset plates lithosphere is called the horizontal movement.The vertical movements of the crust are called radical.These movements are characterized by raising or lowering the earth's crust.They often occur after major earthquakes.The processes taking place with the earth's crust, is irreversible.