Flood - a sharp rise in the water level in the river or other body of water.It features short duration and not periodic.Floods, following one after another, can cause floods and significant flooding may result in flooding.The reasons for this natural phenomenon are different and are connected, usually with a seasonal melting of glaciers and abundant rainfall.

Features flood

floods often faced residents of settlements and towns near the mouths of major rivers.In Russia, most often, this phenomenon can be observed in the Amur River basin in the North Caucasus.If flooding is formed as a result of the hasty increase water flow in a separate section of the river, it is with great speed extends downstream, reaching 5 km / h on the lowland rivers and 45 km / h on the mountain.The height of the flood usually decreases downstream, bu
t with a mandatory increase in duration.

If we talk about the possible causes of the flood, they are few.This is primarily due to the prolonged heavy rain, resulting in reservoirs and rivers overflow their banks.During floods caused by heavy precipitation, characterized by short duration, but because of its swiftness, even such a short phenomenon can cause serious damage to buildings, crops and generally around agriculture.

Incessant rains can trigger floods mnogopikovye and then there it is conducted on a periodic flood flooding surrounding areas.Flooding resulting from the rapid melting of ice and snow continues long enough.Its onset can be found in advance, but the one that comes after rain, difficult to predict.

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flood danger lies in its unpredictability.Observations meteorologists are not always reliable, and know in advance the intensity of rainfall is not so simple.Such natural phenomena require regulation at the state level.This raises the need for urgent rescue operations.If the event has led to a global financial losses and loss of life, the State shall pay compensation and to "give good" for the construction of dams and other fortifications coastline avoid repeated flooding.

to the survivors of the floods and lost their homes, technology, infrastructure elements, crops and animals never encountered the phenomenon of flooding, a number of activities on the transfer of buildings and other objects in the lowlands, in the other, moreprotected space.The construction of new bridges, roads and other facilities is carried out taking into account the possible flood of the river.To assess the dangers of this phenomenon is carried out constant monitoring of water level in rivers and reservoirs.In the event of extraordinary circumstances, an early warning system of the population.