basic tenets of the theory of Darwin

developed by Darwin's theory of evolution is based on the assumption that the driving force behind the development of all living things is natural selection.In the course of evolution is the implementation of two different processes - reproduction and destruction.Living organisms arise, develop, and then inevitably die, obeying the laws of natural selection.At the same time as the unit of evolutionary process are not separate individuals, but the whole population.

Darwin believed that the driving forces of law-evolutionary development are not only natural selection but also heredity and variation.Under the influence of habitat individu
als within a population change in a similar way.But volatility can wear and individual character flowing in different directions.So uncertain changes Darwin attached special importance.

Throughout the period of the population within it there is a struggle for existence.A substantial portion of individuals killed, leaving behind offspring.Chances of survival are those organisms that possess any advantage over their counterparts.It is important for the survival of these signs are inherited, are fixed in a population.Survival of the fittest individuals to life Darwin called natural selection.

theory of evolution as a theory of the evolution of life

Even those scholars who accept the theory of evolution admit that it still has more questions than answers.Some of the theory of Darwin has not yet found a clear confirmation.It is not clear, in particular, exactly how new species arise.Darwin planned to make his book "The Origin of Species" part of a larger and fundamental work, sheds light on these questions, but did not have time to do so.

creator of the theory of evolution stated that natural selection - is not the only factor determining the formation and development of life forms.For reproduction and elimination of viable offspring it is also important co-operation, that is, the desire of individuals to become part of a community.In the course of evolution going on the creation of sustainable social groups in which there is a clear hierarchical structure.Without the cooperation of life on Earth could hardly move beyond the simplest forms.

The theory of evolution has become the most visible evidence of the observed world's biological diversity.Its main provisions are confirmed by modern embryology and paleontological studies.The theory of natural selection, which, though criticized by creationists, is still logically substantiated explanation of the mechanism of life.On this basis, you can build a variety of hypotheses that can be tested experimentally.