Which authorities are involved in breathing

The organs of respiration are several parts of the body.It starts with the way the respiratory nasal cavity and the outside of the nose, and then the process continues to carry pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs.All these organs except the lungs, are pneumatic ways.It is for these paths and air enters the lungs.Lung parenchyma with the respiratory form of the light, which carries out the exchange of gases between air and blood.

structure of the external nose

outer nose is shaped like a three-sided pyramid.The paired nasal bones make it part of the bone.According to the midline of the nose, these bones are joined, thereby forming the back of the nose.Frontal sprouts upper jaw positioned laterally from the nose.These processes are the side surfaces of the e
xternal nose.At the bottom of the nasal bones form a pear-shaped hole.At the edges of the holes can be seen cartilage formation: the upper edge of the quadrangular cartilage and steam rooms, lateral, and additional krylnyh cartilage.The nasal process of the frontal bone forms the nose.Every form a coating layer of the skin.We can say that the nose has two nostrils, nostrils, nasal septum and the lower edge of the pear-shaped opening.

nasal cavity

Leather covers not only the outer part of the nose, but his insides.It is the inside of the nose is called the nasal cavity.It is divided into two halves by a partition.At the bottom of the cavity are horizontal processes of the maxilla and palatine bone.Furthermore, these processes are the basis of the hard palate.

Respiratory nose area

Respiratory nose area is a mucous membrane.This shell continues okolonosnyh sinuses.The mucous membrane is covered with cavernous erectile tissue and mucous glands.Mucous glands are usually located at the bottom of the nasal turbinates.If the corpora cavernosa filled with blood, the thickness of the mucous membrane may be up to 4-5 millimeters.The shell can swell strongly enough.Sometimes she even completely closes the nasal passage.On the nasal mucosa is ciliated epithelium.Among his cell secretory cells are located, its shape reminiscent of glasses.

Congenital malformations of the respiratory organs

Infringement of the nose is quite rare.These include full or partial violation of the excess growth of the nose, wrong location of the nose.In the world there were such defects of the nose, as the splitting of the nose, a double nose, fistulas or cysts nasal turbinate malformations and other abnormalities.