But representatives of the religions actively urging journalists and scientists do not call the Higgs boson particle of God.This nickname open an elementary particle it implies that the mystery of creation, sooner or later will be revealed by the scientific world, and will become available to the human mind.And that, according to many religions, is an absolute fallacy.Elementary particles can not be assigned to the divine attributes, otherwise the impression that science is trying to artificially create the creative process in the lab or explore the modern means of God.

Opponents of the term "God particle" have become philosophers.The mystical exaltation of the natural sciences explain resembles ancient riddle of creation, which tri
ed to unravel the ancient theologians and philosophers.In addition, an elementary particle called the God particle, made a promise to reveal all the mysteries of the cosmos to discover the latest in particle physics, after which there is nothing more to open.Thus, the results of philosophical and theological research can not be a substitute for research in modern physics.

name "God particle" - is nothing more than a marketing tactic, which appeared after the publication of his book, Leon Reedermanom on the problem of the Higgs boson.The book was called "God particle", and was published in 1993.Since then, the "nickname" of the Higgs boson, and received its popularity.However, physicists themselves refer to this pretentious term ironically and try not to use it.

However, the discovery of the Higgs boson is extremely important for modern science.It is this particle, according to the Standard Model of the Universe, science provides a clue to the mechanism of mass.Also, physicists believe that the Big Bang occurred 13.7 billion years ago and marked the beginning of the universe, not without the participation of the Higgs.It is the power generating occurrence of an elementary particle, has given rise to the formation of galaxies, stars and planets from the original chaos.From all this it follows that the opening of the Higgs boson, scientists closer to unraveling the origin of the universe and received confirmation of its structure model.

In addition, in favor of the ironic name of "God particle" and speak of the difficulties faced by scientists, proving the existence of a hypothetical particle, first predicted Higgs in 1964.To conduct a scientific experiment to obtain a piece of God was built Large Hadron Collider, worth more than $ 8 billion.Thereafter, for several years we could establish his work.Now, to prove that the observed particle is precisely the missing elementary particle in the Standard Model of the Universe.