tourists visiting Tunisia, most of them have heard about the history of the ancient state, which was located in what is now.Ruins of Carthage, a favorite place of photographers, historians and researchers.

City State

Carthage was a city-state.Because of its excellent location, he had extensive maritime trade ties, led an active foreign policy and trade.His Mediterranean seaport was the best at that time, and the army, military training on land and on the water was really strong and unique, therefore, won a significant amount of land Mediterranean, Carthage developed into a powerful empire.Thereby creating a strong competition of the Roman Empire, which simply had to reckon wi
th the interests and plans of the western neighbor.

fall of Carthage puzzles historians is not, in fact, the disappearance of this powerful city-states, rather regularity.For centuries, the rulers of Carthage felt the strength and power of the state, conducting adequate policy in, restraining the tax burden and writing indulgences merchants and craftsmen, they were very arrogant and careless towards its neighbors.The active maritime expansion, the imposition of its laws, the infringement of foreign traders and the unwillingness to meet its obligations to other states often led to military clashes.Weaker and weaker grew the government, giving the lion's share of the army that the last two centuries before the fall of Carthage suffered defeat after defeat, but at the same time retained its territorial integrity.

Carthage must be destroyed!

Several times the Roman Empire tried to conquer and destroy Carthage.The two battles the Romans managed to win and it seemed that no one can resist the rise of its power, but the Carthaginians cunning lured foreigners for the walls of the city and again took up defensive positions.The third and decisive attack Carthage threatened loss of statehood.Carthage desperate people fought and defended their city.Three years lasted the confrontation.Rome offered to surrender to the enemy and liberate the city, but the inhabitants of Carthage believed in themselves and defended their country until the end.

As a result, finally defeated Carthage in 146 BCThe remaining few inhabitants were sold into slavery, and the city is completely destroyed.According to many historians, even the houses and buildings once powerful city instilled fear the Romans, and the Roman governor reminded the State opponent who would not give up until the end.

During his reign of Julius Caesar wanted to build in the former colony of Carthage.But the idea was destined to become a reality only after his death.Colonial land inhabited for a long time and reluctantly, the territory once mighty state a few centuries was half empty, the full settlement of the lands of the former Carthage was only in the 16th century.