Early Universe

According to this theory, the universe emerged as a hot bunch of superdense matter, after which it began to expand and cool.In the first stage of the evolution of the universe he was in a superdense state and was a quark-gluon plasma.If the protons and neutrons collided and formed heavier nuclei, while their existence was negligible.The next collision with a fast particle they immediately broke into elementary components.

about 1 billion years ago, began the formation of galaxies, at the time the universe became remotely resemble what we can see right now.After 300 thousand years after the Big Bang, it is so cool that electrons become firmly held cores, thereby appeared stable atoms, which do not disintegrate immediat
ely after the collision with another nucleus.

Education particles

Education particles began as a result of expansion of the universe.It further cooling resulted in the formation of helium nuclei, which occurred as a result of primordial nucleosynthesis.From the moment of the Big Bang had to walk about three minutes before the universe cooled, and the collision energy is reduced so that the particles began to form stable nuclei.In the first three minutes of the universe is a red-hot sea of ​​elementary particles.

Primary education nuclei lasted a very short time, after the first three minutes of the particle surrendered from each other so that the collision between the two have become extremely rare.In this short period of primordial nucleosynthesis appeared deuterium - a heavy isotope of hydrogen, whose nucleus contains one proton and one neutron.Simultaneously with deuterium formed helium-3, helium-4, and a minor amount of lithium-7.All heavier elements appeared on the stage of star formation.

After the birth of the universe

After about one hundred-thousandth of a second from the beginning of the birth of the universe quarks joined together in elementary particles.From that moment the universe began to cool the sea of ​​elementary particles.After this process started, which is called the grand unification of the fundamental forces.Then there were in the universe of energy corresponding to the maximum energy that can be obtained in modern accelerators.After the start of abrupt inflationary expansion, at the same time it disappeared antiparticles.