membrane theory (M-theory) - is the concept of the physical structure of the world, which aims to unite all the known fundamental interactions.At the heart of this system considering the views on the so-called multi-dimensional membrane ("brane").It can be represented graphically as an object having a plurality of measurements.M-theory, proposed by physicist Edward Witten, a logical continuation of the belief system, known as the "string theory."
predecessor of the physical concept of quantum string theory, formed in the early 70-ies of the last century.It is considered the world as a complex consisting of extended-dimensional structures.The basic position of string theory is that the fundamental part
icles have the form of elongated non-local objects separated by the excitation spectrum.
Make internally consistent string theory can only be assumed that there is a space with a number of dimensions greater than four.The question of the number of measurements has been the subject of long scientific debate.Over time, many investigated were inclined to believe that the number could reach eleven.This assumption is removed the fundamental contradictions and made string theory consistent.
Theoretical calculations showed that the strings of the universe overlap with each other, forming a kind of membrane.In connection with this new theory and is called a membrane.Proponents of this concept believe that the physical reality in its essence is a kind of floating in space, a plurality of measurements "membrane", which has an uneven surface.The presence of inhomogeneities in the structure of education could be the cause of the hypothetical Big Bang that gave birth to the current universe.
studying the system of eleven dimensions, scientists have always hampered by the need to introduce the concept of another universe.Some believe that the number of parallel worlds can be in general is not limited.Hypothetical new universe presented researchers take strange shapes, similar in appearance to the "traditional" membrane or radically different from her.
skeptical scientists believe that its fundamental membrane theory can be considered only a prelude to a "theory of everything", as there are a number of theoretical issues that are not yet fit into this concept.The weak point of M-theory is that all the calculations in it being from the moment of the Big Bang, and yet he is still only a hypothesis.No reply membrane theory and the question about the nature of time.