Pierre Curie

Pierre Curie was a native-born Parisian who grew up in a family doctor and get a good education first at home, then at the University of Paris Sorbonne.At age 18 he was already a licentiate of physical sciences - the academic degree was between bachelor's and doctor.In the early years of his scientific career, he and his brother worked in the laboratory at the Sorbonne, where he discovered the piezoelectric effect.

In 1895, Pierre Curie Marie Sklodowska married, and after a few years together, they began to investigate the radioactivity.This phenomenon, which is to change the composition and structure of atomic nuclei with the emission of particles was discovered in 1
896 by Becquerel.This French physicist, was familiar with the Curies and shared with them his discovery.Pierre and Marie began studying a new phenomenon and found that different radioactive thorium compound radium, polonium, all compounds of uranium and uranium.

Becquerel of radioactivity left his job and began to explore more phosphors that interested him, but once asked Pierre Curie tube with radioactive material for lectures.She lay in his waistcoat pocket, and left on the skin redness, physics, as Becquerel Curie immediately reported.After that Pierre had to experience myself zipping tube of radium for several hours on the forearm.This made him the appearance of severe ulcers, which took several months.Pierre Curie was the first scientist who discovered the biological effects of radiation on humans.

Curie died in the accident, fell under the wheels of the crew at the age of 46 years.

Marie Sklodowska-Curie

Marie Curie was a Polish student, one of the best students at the Sorbonne.She has been studying the chemistry and physics, he conducted independent research and became the first female professor at the Sorbonne.Three years after the marriage to Pierre Curie, Marie began to work on his doctoral dissertation on radioactivity.She studied this phenomenon no less enthusiastically than her husband.After his death, she continued to work, became acting professor of the department, which was Pierre Curie, and even headed the research department of the radioactivity in the Radium Institute.

Marie Sklodowska-Curie contributed pure metallic radium, proving that it is an independent chemical element.She received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for this discovery and was the only woman in the world with two Nobel Prizes.

Marie Curie Died of radiation sickness, which has developed as a result of continuous interaction with radioactive substances.