Man belongs to the biological species Homo Sapiens (Homo sapiens), belonging to the class of mammals, and the order of primates.The closest of the biological nature of the people are great apes - chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans.But when you look at modern man it is very difficult to imagine that he had with primates have common roots, so strong are the differences in the appearance and behavior is determined by social and cultural factors.
Highlight a person from the animal world was an extremely long time.Scientists believe that the ancestors of the people ceased to be animals 3-4 million years ago.Homeland humanity considered East Africa, where the ancestors of the people gr
adually settled across the globe, including its most remote corners.Formation of the current shape of the person going on for hundreds of thousands of years.
terms of the emergence of modern human biology is not an exceptional event.The process of formation of this type is in full accordance with the laws of the evolution of an open science.Of greatest interest to the researchers is the elusive moment when human biological properties were replaced by social.An important role in this process is played by the development of the brain, the emergence of abstract thought and speech.
human brain - the material basis of thought and of the human mind in general.Although some signs of intelligent behavior are inherent in animals, but people got the ability to handle abstract concepts, to build opinions and exchange information with other members of the community.The ability to communicate through speech became that step in the evolution of the species that ever separated humanity from the animal world.
Considering the human being as a natural phenomenon, the researchers are paying particular attention to the brain and higher nervous activity.It is here that the sources should be sought benefits people before primates.The human brain is an extremely high complexity.Its evolution was not through an increase in the volume and number of nerve cells, and is the result of a special organization and streamlining of internal connections.
Anthropogenesis, ie the development of man as a biological being, has led to the formation of the highest form of existence of matter.Man is fundamentally different from other members of the animal kingdom that has not only the psyche, but also self-awareness.He is able to be aware of their actions, consciously plan lives and to change their behavior by adjusting the conditions of the natural and social environment.