most famous centenarians trees of the world are hidden from prying eyes, and do not report their location anywhere to protect the plant against vandalism.Until recently it was thought that the most long-lived tree - a pine, which was given the name Methuselah, growing in the White Mountains of California.Part of that grove, where grow pine, open to the public, but the location of the tree is kept in the strictest confidence.Methuselah is still the oldest living individual organism on the planet.
Pine Methuselah otherwise known as "intermountain Barbate pine", "pine spinous Great Basin," "western Barbate pine."This kind presently in danger of extinction, as found only in Nevada, California and Utah.Neural pine trees grow very slowly, with thick resinous wood.In order to appreciate the age of this seemingly
unremarkable pine, take a look at it in the context of history.The Dynasty of the Pharaohs, which was about 1300 years BC.e., the age of Methuselah was approaching millennial anniversary.
There, in the White Mountains of California, was found later the true survivor, now known under the name Pine Nameless.This tree is not the core, there is only the root from which grows a young shoot.Nameless pine was felled unknowingly, and only after that it became clear that age it is far superior to all known tree named Methuselah.In connection with this unfortunate mistake unmarked pine exact age could not figure out, and although it formally root older pine Methuselah, growing from it escapes can be considered only a clone Nameless pine.
More recently, a group of researchers in Sweden found on the mountain spruce shoots Pul.Radiocarbon analysis showed that the age of one of the firs nine thousandth anniversary approaches.The trunk is growing on old roots, much younger.This spruce has found another ice age for its ability to wait out the unfavorable period, completely decelerating metabolism and actually dying indefinitely.Global warming has provoked the beginning of the growth of this eating, so she was found.Two spruce, growing side by side, inferior to her age - they are 4 or 5 thousand years, respectively.Experts decided that the spruce-Liver is one of the first that appeared after the ice age on the planet.