role of biology is difficult to overestimate, because of science, its member, study in detail the life of all life on Earth in all its aspects: the structure of organisms, their behavior with each other, and the relationship withenvironment.Modern biology combines the following basic concepts: cell theory, homeostasis, genetics and energy.Currently, independent branch of biology were as follows: botany, zoology, microbiology, anatomy.All of them are equally important and represent a valuable set of fundamental knowledge accumulated by mankind for all time of its existence.
Modern biology firmly established in science such as sociology, ecolog
y and, of course, medicine.Biology, like any other science, is constantly replenished by certain new knowledge, discoveries and research, which are transformed into new biological laws and theories.This modern biology has helped medicine to find the necessary means to fight bacterial and viral diseases rapidly spreading.It is thanks to this science, humanity has managed to overcome life-threatening diseases such as cholera, plague, typhoid, smallpox, anthrax, etc.
role of biology as a science in the modern world is growing every year.For example, it is impossible to imagine modern life without genetic research, without selection, without the production of new food and, of course, without the appearance of new sources of energy.And all thanks to the fact that modern biology is the foundation and theoretical basis for completely different but promising science, including: bionics, genetic engineering.Without the knowledge gained in biology, it would be unthinkable to one of the greatest discoveries of mankind - the human genome, and modern biotechnology can create safe medicines required for treatment and prevention.
Currently no biology as a science does not cost the pharmaceutical industry, criminology, gerontology, construction, agriculture, space exploration.Knowledge of biology in these areas of life are essential.Unstable environmental conditions on the planet requires some rethinking of industrial activity, which allows modern biology to move to a new level.It happens every year in the world of large-scale environmental or man-made disasters affecting both small and large states, and due to the existing social and economic contradictions of modern society.