inertia - it is very simple?

In Latin inertia - laziness, inertia, inaction, lezhebochestvo.From the school of physics, inertia is understood as the ability of the physical body to resist any change in their speed.If the body is at rest, and its speed is zero - as a kind of "unwillingness" of the body to move.

the body's ability to resist mechanical stress, its "lazy", expressed a special characteristic - weight.Overweight sluggard to push harder on the floor and make the move than skinny.

«The school 'experience shows good momentum shown in the figure.If you pull sharply, always eager bobbin thread - heavy inertia ball does not give him much to budge during the spurt.And if you pull with less force, but gradually, always breaks the upper thread as it draws not
only the power of arms, but also the weight of the ball.

body resists the effects with some force, it is the force of inertia.Couch Potato will not just pull yourself on the floor, he rests.In classical physics, inertia, and inertia, the force of inertia and the same thing - the power of resistance of the body exposed."Inertia" just say for the sake of brevity.

simple conclusion follows: no resistance force - no inertia.The inertia of the body is lost at the moment when he is nothing, and has no effect.Passenger walking on the sea with a ship full calm in the cabin does not know its velocity, while the ship will not make the turn (there was some lateral speed) or raid on a bank and the vessel will not be hampered.

Not so simple

However, in classical mechanics to solve practical problems had to introduce three forces of inertia: Newton, and Euler dalamberovu.The magnitude and the dimension is the same, but mathematically described differently.Scientists are well aware that such a situation - an alarming symptom;then we're misunderstood something.

fact that in weightlessness (for example, by the free fall in a vacuum) inertia acts as if nothing had happened, forced to enter for any of the body are two different and yet the same, weight: inert, giving the ability to resist stress,and heavy, which depends on body weight.It was tacitly assumed that the inertial and gravitational mass is exactly equal to each other, but their identity is not strictly proved to this day.

With the discovery of the Higgs boson, an elementary particle which gives the weight of bodies, and thus inertia, physics in general began to avoid disputes and weight.One gets the impression that they themselves no longer understand what is still eager to learn.

What about the persistence of vision?Cultural inertia?The inertia of the pictures on the computer screen, behind which you, dear reader, are sitting and reading this article?They, and many other great inertia - the concept is not abstract, but concrete.With their help, the specialists of different branches do their job and get paid based on results.

entropy, enthalpy, inertia

question starts to become clear, if we assume that the mass - only a special and rather limited, a case of manifestation of inertia.Then there is the approach with the most reliable and versatile position - power.Its foundations were laid in the XIX century Josiah Willard Gibbs.

Gibbs introduced into science the two concepts - entropy and enthalpy.The first characterizes the desire of all the world to dissipate their energy and turn into chaos.The second - the property of the individual pieces of chaos organized in a certain order.

chaos and perfect order means the same thing - the death of all.In the chaos all messed up to complete homogeneity and nothing has changed and, therefore, nothing happens.In absolute order simply nothing changes and nothing happens.In the living world of chaos and order are interconnected and mutually reinforcing.

Nowadays, exactly how the procedure gives rise to chaos, and chaos - order examines a special science, chaos theory.In fact, it is a complicated and strict discipline, and not what is shown in a Hollywood movie.

What does the inertia?But our world is living.There's something going on, something changed.This is only possible if not only massive bodies, but all generally resists any required actions.Otherwise, once established, or chaos, or absolute order.Or are they without any intermediate changes passed to each other.

inertia and causality

second, and no less important and omnipresent, universal manifestation of inertia - the principle of causality.The essence of his seemingly simple: everything that happens, happens for some reason, and the effect will certainly be for the cause.Inertia is manifested in the fact that between cause and effect must undergo a period of time.Otherwise, the world will come instantly either complete chaos or absolute order, and die.

principle of causality is much more complex and deeper than it may seem.The simplest example - a phrase from a detective or westerns: "He did not hear the shot that killed him."Why is that?Shot in the back, and the bullet flies faster than sound.

Here is an example, more complicated to understand.Imagine digging into the earth worm.He is blind;maximum speed, he understands - the speed of sound (pressure waves) in the soil.

worm feels a push from behind.If he is intelligent and is developing its chervyachinuyu physics, he tries to find its cause, the more that other worms no one noticed exactly the same shocks.But as a worm or puffed up, he did not go: obtained abstruse calculations, with nothing consistent conclusions insoluble contradictions.

Why?Because a push in the ground has created a shock wave from a supersonic aircraft flown.When the worm felt a push from behind, the plane was already far ahead.

This does not mean that the theory of relativity is wrong, and we believe the inertia of the world expressed by the speed of light because we can not perceive anything faster, and their devices are doing under our senses.Perhaps there are worlds where the inertia of millions, billions, trillions of times smaller than ours, and the maximum speed of transmission of signals in the same number of times more.

But a world where anything even for a moment would be devoid of inertia, is impossible.He immediately die and cease to exist.


Summarizing, we can say the following:

first.Inertia as the ability of the world's objects and phenomena resist any effects, there is always and everywhere.She - the inherent property of any of the world, and a world without any inertia viable.

second.In the absence of significant effects on the object or phenomenon visible manifestations of inertia will not be.

third.The absence of visible manifestations of inertia does not mean lack of it any impacts.Perhaps the impact is, and inertia is manifested, in that we can not perceive directly, or explore with instruments.