Nanotechnology became fashionable, they are referred to the place and out of place."Nanos" translated from the Greek as a dwarf, therefore nanoworld - a miniature world.It is therefore appropriate to talk nanoparticle, the particle that is a dwarf, but nanoenergetika or nanofluids - meaningless definition, because there is no power or dwarf dwarf fluid.
Also, do not talk about nanotechnology, in the case of intra-atomic interactions and chemical technologies.There operate more small dimensions, and measured in Angstroms all - 10 to the minus tenth degree.
often to nanoobjects mixed objects from the microworld; that is, one of the larger than 100 nm.Technology use of such facilities can not
be called nanotechnology, since then it turns out that the manipulation of soot - is Nanotechnologies, because the size of its particles a little more than 100 nm.
correctly apply the definition of "nano" and "nanoobject" only structures larger than 1 nanometer in any direction and at the same time more than a few tens of nanometers, only in one direction.These objects may include a variety of molecular clusters - astral, nanotubes, fullerenes, fullerides and complex molecules, such as DNA.
Present size of the nano-objects can be, if you look at the ordinary human hair.Its average diameter - 0.05 mm, is approximately sixty thousand times greater than the size of a regular object of the nanoworld.
depth tracks on a conventional CD - 100 nanometers, their width - 500 nanometers.
nanometers is used when talking about the wavelength of visible light.The human eye perceives a wave length of 380 to 760 nanometers.
Modern semiconductors contain elements 14 nanometers in size.
If 10 hydrogen atoms arranged in a straight line one behind the other, the length of a chain of approximately 1 nanometer.