you need
  • - stadiometer,
  • - scales,
  • - Calculator.
According to research conducted by doctors from the WHO (World Health Organisation) in the population of the planet, the index body weight and equal to less than 16 kg / m indicates the marked deficit weight .A normal value for adults mass index of 30 or more suggests various degrees of obesity.The norm in the opinion of the WHO assumed mass index body within 18-25, ie mass index 25-30 at the conclusion of experts of this authoritative organization indicates overweight.
According to the Israeli scientists, the normal mass index for men is a value from 25 to 27 - in this line of growth and weight average life expectancy of the male half of humanity is maximized.
Because the evaluation body and the risk of obesity index weight body is very approximate (with the same index weight be different distribution of weight on the body), the United States developed a method of determining these factors by using volume indexbody with a three-dimensional scanner.
Measure the height of the individual - for the use of the stadiometer.The person should be without shoes and touch the floor with both heels - otherwise the patient can be elongated by a few centimeters.
Weigh test.For the purity of the experiment, the object should be drawn.
Divide using a calculator body mass object of study by the square of his height in meters.The resulting value will be required BMI - weight index human body.
During the day, the growth of people varies by a few centimeters.It is believed that a person is highest immediately after sleep in a normal position, i.e. lying - this is at the expense of recovery during sleep state intervertebral discs.By evening, it is the growth may be reduced.In weightlessness stature increased even more - up to 8 cm.