If an ordinary man in the street, and set his face once to try to predict where and at what point struck by lightning, it is doubtful that he will leave something worthwhile.

another matter science.You can draw statistics, which, as we know, knows all the proper equipment, profound calculations ... and just miss.

And what the photographer who chooses to capture the lightning, and even at a certain background?Clearly, you just need to wait.Set the camera, tripod, protection from the rain and just sit waiting for a thunderstorm first, then - lightning and manage to capture it all.In general, almost, except for such things as location.It should be selected in advance and with a high probability lightning strike.Exposure to the chamber must be not less than thirty seconds, and it is important to observe safety precautions.

What usually makes a professional photographer to take pictures of lightning?That's right, as well as scientists, it refers to the statistics.Gather information about where often there are storms and tempests, it is not so difficult.

Similarly, you can install and objects, which are most often struck by lightning.The fact that lightning hit in quite specific objects with an enviable constancy.

This is due to the location of the object, the presence of lightning, and quite often to the proximity of groundwater.Thus, the probability of the event is greatly increased.Although no assurance nature, as is known, does not.

So is it possible to predict lightning?Determine the probability exists.As already mentioned, most of the lightning strikes the highest object, in particular, equipped with effective lightning protectors.The reason for this is obvious.The presence of lightning rod allows a certain way, ordered positive charges thundercloud discharge on the negative electrode formed ground lightning.

predicted probability of discharge can reach 30-40%, provided that during the upcoming storm formed thunderclouds with a positive charge.

However, if you completely trust the statistics, it is positively charged clouds provide the most powerful discharge and pose a serious threat, because fires often occur precisely on the positive impact of lightning.The same pattern is observed in forest fires.

However, the collision of different charged storm clouds sometimes there is absolutely unpredictable spectacle.