Watermelon snow

Red Snow is most often found in polar regions or high in the mountains.From a distance, it is not visible, the snow mass may have only faintly crimson hue.However, it is somehow compressed snow - walk on it, drive the car or on skis, as an unusual hue becomes obvious.

Scientists have discovered what was going on with the familiar white snow.The culprit turned out to be such a strange metamorphosis of unicellular algae genus chlamydomonas - chlamydomonas snow (Chlamydomonas nivalis).Unlike most members of her own family, this species prefers to live in the cold and seemingly adverse conditions.
At temperatures higher than + 4 ° C chlamydomonas snow can not exist and die en masse.

addition to the green pigment chlorophyll, from Chlamydomonas there and astaxanthin - a carotenoid red.It is he who gives a characteristic brown or pink color.In the most severe frosts alga it is at rest, but the air temperature is slightly up as chlamydomonas snow begins to multiply.Just as in the summer can be seen blooms in the cold season in the mountains or polar regions can be seen as the snow begins to blossom.Moreover, not only the color.Red Snow is also gaining very tangible and watermelon smell.

Chlamydomonas snow - the most common representative of wildlife, which stains the snow, but such metamorphosis can be engaged more than 350 species of algae.Among them there are those who can paint the snow in yellow, blue, green, brown or black.
Rafidonema snow (Rhaphidonema nivale) Snow in green colors, and antsilonema Nordensheld (Ancylonema Nordenskioeldii) - brown.

Red snow man-

Sometimes change is not only the color of snow algae.Man also can cause a similar phenomenon.An interesting case occurred in the Mykolaiv region in Ukraine, where residents once very surprised, out into the street and saw that instead of the usual white snow is red.

It turned out that the reason lies in the activity of the alumina refinery, which spewed red mud.Because of the extreme cold waste and fell to the ground together with precipitation and gave local residents the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic scenery, reminiscent of pictures from Mars.