Radium is a very rare trace elements.Its main source - uranium ore, 1 ton of uranium contains about 0.34 g of radium.At very low concentrations of the chemical element it has been detected in a variety of objects, such as in natural waters.
radium body-centered cubic crystal lattice, the outer shell of an atom is its 2 electrons, for this reason, this item has only one oxidation state of +2.All the compounds have the property of radium avtolyuminestsentsii, they are characterized by a pale blue glow in the dark.
Many radium salts are colorless, however, decompose under the effect of the intrinsic radiation, they become brown or yellow.Due to the self-absorption of particles emitted during the radioactive decay of radium constantly produces heat, so the temperature of its
products are always a little above ambient.
metal radium quickly covered air film consisting of an oxide and nitride.It reacts violently with water to form a water-soluble hydroxide and separating hydrogen.Bromide, nitrate, chloride, sulfide and radium are readily soluble in water.Chromate, carbonate and oxalate - poorly soluble.
By its chemical properties of the element barium is similar to, but more potent.Almost all of the compounds of radium isomorphic to the corresponding compounds of barium.As compared with other alkaline earth metals, radium has a weak tendency to form complexes.Known complexes thereof with malic, tartaric, lactic and citric acids.
Radium isolated as chloride and other salts as a by-product of processing of uranium ores.Methods used for this ion exchange, fractional crystallization and precipitation.With electrolysis on a mercury cathode obtained metal radium.
find this chemical element of radiometric methods.Radium is very toxic.The geology of its isotopes are used for determining the age of minerals and sedimentary rocks.The geochemistry of it is used as an indicator of circulation and the displacement of ocean water.
long time, radium was the only radioactive element that finds its practical application in medicine, it was used for making phosphors constant glow.However, it was supplanted by cheaper radionuclides obtained by artificial means.Radium has retained some significance in medicine as a source of radon in the treatment of radon baths.