From the name itself becomes evident embedded image.This species is formed on the surface of the material which settles due to various kinds of natural effects.The first way is associated with exposure to the igneous rocks of the wind, temperature changes, water.The second way is connected with the deposition on the bottom of the seas, lakes and oceans, dissolved salts, decomposition products of organisms, sediment brought by freshwater rivers.

to form sedimentary rock is not enough to merely material accumulated on the bottom.We should pass a century, during which the various chemical transformations.Now it is time to further consider two ways of sedimentary ways.

The first way - the water, the wind, the temperature

set of all three factors makes it possible to obtain the sedimentary material that transforms tim
e in sedimentary rocks.First in the fight enters the change in temperature and humidity.The constant change of the volume of the crystal unit leads to the appearance of microcracks.Begin to separate the smallest grain of sand, which, caught up by the wind, carried away from the magmatic rock, to further expand the crack.This process is called weathering.

The cracks begins to condense moisture, washing away the salt.Breed more cracks and small pieces are separated from the larger.Solute and subkolloidnye particles are transported with water in the creek and then into the river.Since the beginning of the transport force is strong, the particles are transported over long distances.But at some point, this process is reduced and the material carried by water or wind, settles.

This can occur on land or in water.First, the precipitate has a high porosity, it is time to water is.It was then time begins to take effect.Due to its actions and Clutch crystallization particles of different sizes together.This - natural cement that hardens.Over time, this process will take more fully, turning the former loose sediment to granite hard.

The second way - the sea, lakes, oceans

This path is different from what has been discussed above.The bottom of the seas, oceans and lakes full of life.There are algae, corals, clams, radiolarians, sponges, sea lilies, huge colonies of living microorganisms, crustaceans.All of them, after death, are mixed with various inorganic material.There is a whole layer.Since many cake derivatives of silicon, calcium, phosphorus, iron, carburizing takes place.In this way the formation of layers of chert, chalk, tripoli.