Among the natural causes of climate change over millions of years in the first place stands the tectonic plate movements, through which move the entire continent, created the oceans, mountain ranges vary.For example, about 3 million years ago as a result of the collision of the South American and North American plates formed the Isthmus of Panama, and the mixing of waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans became difficult.
Solar activity has a direct impact on the climate like for long periods of time and for a short-term 11-year period of its activity.By comparing the solar energy in the early stages of the Earth with modern values, the researchers found tha
t the sun gets brighter, and generates more heat.In addition, fluctuations in the sun's heat is clearly traced 11-year and longer cycles, which caused many of the warming observed in recent decades.
very strong impact on the climate have volcanoes.Only one violent eruption can cause a cooling in the region for several years.Giant eruptions that occur once in a hundred million years, the climate is influenced by several million years and cause the extinction of many species of animals.
One of the most important causes of the global warming observed in recent decades, are considered greenhouse gases.As a result of human activity there is excessive heating of the atmosphere.Thermal energy is trapped by greenhouse gases and creates the greenhouse effect.The main component of greenhouse gases - carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide) content in the atmosphere has increased by 35% compared to 1950.Currently the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing on average by 0.2% per year, mainly due to deforestation and the burning of fuel.
irrigation, deforestation and agriculture is also a significant impact on the climate.On the irrigated area varies greatly water balance, soil structure and thus the level of absorption of solar radiation.In other words, deforestation and intensive land use leads to a hot and dry climate, on the whole planet, as well as in its individual regions.
Cattle, includes deforestation for grazing, is the cause of 18% of emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.Furthermore, the same agricultural activities believed to cause ejection of 65% nitrous oxide and 37% methane.For example, intensive deforestation of the Amazon rainforest for pasture has led to the fact that in 2009 the Food and Agriculture Organization estimated the contribution of livestock to greenhouse gas emissions in the region of 81% of all indicators.
Recent research scientists from the United States suggests that the effects of air pollution due to human activity are irreversible.Even if emissions in any way will reduce, the effects of global warming will remain for several thousand years.