Applied interpretation

According to Moore's Law, the following type of computer will always work in two and a half times faster, and should develop a version of the operating system, on the contrary, will run a half times slower.

is no coincidence that Intel is actively operates all of Moore's Law in advertising, because Gordon Earle Moore himself was among its founders.

In 1965, one of the founders and developers of modern electronics has given to a newspaper article with the forecasting performance of the work undertaken to experiment with chips.All these schemes are of different generations, which made it possible to talk about increasing the productivity of their work with each succeeding generation.For 10 years, Moore watched their own forecasts and in the end proved his assumption conclusions based on empirical data, as well as
to forecast the development, which is considered indispensable rule for the development of information technology.The rule is confirmed year after year.

Rule, which became law

After Moore's article was published in popular scientific journals, fans dubbed it the assumption "Moore's Law."The very same researcher on the laurels of the legislator did not claim.

assertion stated Moore, now so widely known that accepted almost as an axiom, which, incidentally, is very beneficial to entrepreneurs and developers, produces microprocessors.Indeed, thanks to the assertion that it is not necessary to explain and prove, many manufacturers make an excellent advertising.However, this was the reason for not quite accurate interpretation of the axiom that today can be interpreted in different ways:

- compute power of a personal computer will become twice every 1.5 years;
- performance microprocessor will become twice every 1.5 years;
- the price of the chip will become two times lower than every 1.5 years;
- power of computer calculations, bought for $ 1, will become twice every 1.5 years, etc.

Act, which is still more like a rule

Few people know, but there are two of Moore's Law, which states that the price of microchip production plant will grow in proportion to the complexity of the product produced.

At the end I wanted to add that the law did not come true with the precision that it can be attributed to the category of law, and even more so to call it empirical dependence.Most likely, the company Intel, which is now in advertising campaigns speculates they simply perform one of the marketing moves, allowing consumers to sell their products.But be that as it may, Moore's Law has many admirers around the world.After all, according to the interpretation, it allows to achieve almost unbelievable performance in the industry of semiconductor products, which today can boast of no other area of ​​the economy.