general concept

mechanical energy of the system exists in the form of kinetic and potential.The kinetic energy appears when an object or the system starts to move.The potential energy occurs in the interaction of objects or systems with each other.It does not appear and does not disappear without a trace, and often does not depend on the work.However, it can change from one form to another.

example, bowling ball, is on the level of three meters above the ground, has no kinetic energy, because it does not move.He has a large amount of potential energy (in this case, the gravitational energy) which will be converted into kinetic energ
y when the ball begins to fall.

Familiarity with various kinds of energy begins in middle school.Babies usually easier to visualize and easy to understand principles of mechanical systems, without going into details.Basic calculations in such cases can be made without the use of complex algorithms.In most simple physical tasks, the mechanical system remains closed and the factors that reduce the value of the total energy of the system are not taken into account.

mechanical, chemical, and nuclear energy systems

There are many different kinds of energy, and it can sometimes be difficult to correctly distinguish one from the other.The chemical energy, for example, is the result of the interaction of molecules of substances together.Nuclear energy appears during the interaction between the particles in the nucleus of an atom.Mechanical energy, unlike other usually ignores the molecular composition of the object and takes into account only their interactions at the macroscopic level.

This approach is intended to facilitate the calculation of the mechanical energy of complex systems.Objects in these systems are usually regarded as homogeneous bodies, rather than as the sum billion molecules.Calculation of both the kinetic and potential energy of the object is a simple task.Calculation of the same kinds of energy for billions of molecules will be extremely difficult.Without simplification of parts in a mechanical system, the researchers would have to study the individual atoms, as well as all the interactions and forces that exist between them.This approach is usually used in particle physics.

Energy Conversion

mechanical energy can be converted into other forms of energy with the use of special equipment.For example, generators are designed to convert mechanical power into electricity.Other forms of energy may also be converted into mechanical energy.For example, the internal combustion engine in the vehicle converts the chemical energy of a fuel into mechanical power is used for movement.