According to the theory of the Big Bang, matter and energy that make up all things in the universe, once upon a time were in a singular state.They have infinite pressure, density and temperature.This excluded the action of physical laws.All of which is currently a member of the universe, are in the same small particles, but her condition eventually became unstable, causing the Big Bang.
Initially, this theory was called "dynamic evolving model" and the modern term was given to it only in 1949, after the study was published by the famous scientist Hoyle.Scientists have even more evidence to support the likelihood of this theory.One is the existence of the cosmic microwave background radiation caused by the Big Bang.
According to the theory of the Big rebound, the emergence of the universe happened othe
rwise.Before that, there was a completely different universe, which had a maximum pressure compressed in the minimum volume.As a result of this the Big Bounce that formed later this universe, which gradually began to expand.The basis of the next model of the origin of the universe lies the theory of loop quantum gravity.It indicates that the space and time consist of separate pieces or particles quantum cells.In the small space they create a separate structure, and more - give rise to a smooth time-space.Extreme Universe forced birth of a new quantum cells separated from each other.Because of this and the Big Bounce.
string theory and M-theory say that from time to time, the universe has the ability to reproduce itself.Some scientists believe that the universe was born as a result of quantum fluctuations in the preceding.This raises the likelihood that the current universe could again be subject to similar fluctuations at any time and in any place, which again will lead to its self-reproduction in a different form.
According to creationism, the universe was created by the Creator or God.Proponents of this theory believe that the Bible exactly describes the process of its emergence.According to creationists, the universe and the whole world was created only 6 days.Some people argue that this happened about 6 thousand. Years ago, and others, that the creation of the universe happened 7.5 thousand. Years ago.