acids and salts are complex substances, different in origin.


salts - are substances which are formed during the reaction of the acid with a base in the process water inevitably released.

Most of the known salts formed by reaction of substances with opposite properties.In this reaction comes:
- metal and nonmetal,
- metal and acid,
- basic oxide and acid,
- bases and acids,
- other elements.

reaction salts and acids also gives salt.There are different definition of salt, which is reduced to the direction of the complexity of the matter and its dissociation into cations and anions of acid residues.

salts are divided into three main types: acidic, medium and basic.Acid salts having an excess acid only a little, they replace the cations of hydrogen acids with
metal cations.Basic salts are the product of the partial substitution of the base at the acid residues.But the average salt substitute all the positive charges in acidic hydrogen molecules on the charges or how to say, the metal cations.

salts, which have the prefix name "hydro", are acidic, digital indicator reflects the number of hydrogen atoms.The title of the main figures salts prefix "hydroxo."Some classes salts have their own name, for example, is alum.

Acids Acids - complex substances that consist of atoms of hydrogen and acid residue.All acids - electrolytes.

acids are classified according to three main criteria: the solubility of oxygen in the presence of acid moiety and the number of hydrogen atoms.Accordingly acid solubility are divided into soluble and insoluble different reactions.The number of hydrogen atoms may vary, depending on the acid which can be both monobasic and dibasic, and tribasic.

With the presence of oxygen is simple: acid residue or oxygen, or anoxic.

Basically acids contain either one or more hydrogen atoms and an acid residue.Due to the characteristic properties of acids have been widely used in medicine, industry and everyday life.Species great many acidic substances: citric acid, boric, lactic and salicylic more likely used in everyday life.

For example, boric acid related to the class of weak acids, is a powder form of a crystal structure.It is best to dissolve in hot water or in a special salt solution.In the natural environment boric acid can be found in mineral waters and hot springs.