genetics and heredity

Under heredity genetics to understand the universal ability of living organisms to transfer information about the offspring of some essential features and characteristics of the development.Heredity allows species of living organisms for a very long periods of time to remain relatively unchanged.It is an expression of the continuity of generations.

All organisms can be grouped into the system unit, being distributed by species, genera and families.Such systemic nature of life on the planet has become possible thanks to heredity.This property makes it possible to maintain the characteristics of the similarities
and differences within individual groups, allocated under the systematization.

One of the functions of heredity is to preserve some of the signs that pass through a series of successive generations.Another function is to ensure the nature of metabolism that occurs during the development of organisms and to ensure the correct type of development.Becoming a living organism goes through a number of specific steps, replacing each other in a clear sequence.These development programs are also in the sphere of interests of genetics.

variability as a matter of genetics

Another subject matter of genetics - variability.This property reflects the unstable preserving traits that are inherited from generation to generation.The reason for the variability is changing and combining genes.These processes occur in the course of individual development of organisms.After genetic variability is considered the second most important factor in determining the course of evolution of life on Earth.

study of heredity genetics are, considering the different levels of organization of life.This analysis starts at the chromosomal and cellular level, gradually rising to organisms and whole populations.The principal method used in this case is called Genetic analysis includes, including elements of mathematical statistics.

variability of genes, which is manifested in the individual development of living organisms, studied under the heading of science, called developmental biologists.Arsenal methods are quite broad, it includes an analysis of immune responses, transplant tissue and even cell nuclei.Modern genetics armed with effective tools to study the properties described above organisms that determine the evolution of life forms.