first steps of life on Earth

Despite the fact that the land in the early period of its existence often subjected asteroid bombardment, had a strong volcanic activity, was hot and devoid of oxygen, life in it yet born and evolved.

In general we can say that in a stable environment, and at the correct temperature as a result of chemical reactions can occur molecules that are able to reproduce itself, causing further changes.For our planet's atmosphere such conditions become saturated with hydrogen, ammonia and methane, as well as the vast oceans of water.The molecules were able to "eat" energy from hydrothermal vents, and later became the building blocks for proteins and nucleic acids.

Once the first molecule has been created as a result of random chemical reactions, subsequent developments were no more based on luck
.Instead, it entered into force on evolution and natural selection.The molecules that could reproduce themselves, began to multiply rapidly.Then all kinds began to fight for the available food.Less effective extinct species.

carbon - the basis of all

Carbon is an atom that deserves special mention because it has properties that allow it to be grouped in a sequence of "circuit" and "branch".This allows other molecules to "cling" for these obrazoavaniya that, in turn, creates a complex molecular structure.

Because some molecules are constantly increasing, it eventually reaches a certain "critical size".Bonds that hold atoms together, and weaken the molecule disintegrates.In some cases, we obtained two almost identical molecules.Each of these molecules tend to attract similar molecules from the surrounding space.Some do it successfully.Such molecules grow again and reach the "critical size", and then split into two parts.It is an endless process.Life could have started that way.The cycle based on natural chemical reactions that are repeated again and again.Then there were other elements that help to maintain and complicate the cycle.

Trying to determine the chain of events that led to the emergence of life on Earth, is a challenge.Significant progress was made in theorizing and reconstruction process leading to the emergence of the simplest forms of life.But at the same time, scientists have comprehensive data on each stage of development.Gaps in knowledge it is now possible to fill only guesses.