Today, the word environment has a much broader meaning than in the first years of its existence.Now the term is used primarily as the main link of issues related to the environment.In many ways, this shift occurred because the concepts of the harmful effects of man on nature.However, you need to share environmental science and ecology as a measure to combat the negative impact on the environment.
complexity of certain scientific ecology associated with the uncertainty of the boundaries of other disciplines and their adjacent areas.Besides having a great impact not firmly established ideas about the structure of this science.Also, difficulties arise due to differences in the terminology of biologists studying plant and biologists studying animals, the environment becaus
e it is designed to unite their efforts.
object of study of ecology are predominantly above the level of one of the body: the ecosystem, biocenosis, population, and absolutely the entire biosphere.The object of study is the functioning and organization of these systems.This releases the main task of ecology: the need to develop the principles of rational use of natural resources on the basis of the general laws of the organization of living beings.
All methods of study are divided into three large groups.The first group are the so-called "field" methods: observation of the vital activity of organisms in their native habitat.The second group is called "experimental", and to include various experiments carried out in a hospital.For example, the identification of the influence of various factors on the variable.The third group - "modeling", ie the creation of simplified system of relationships of living beings.
in the history of ecology are five stages: Antiquity, the new time, the first half of the nineteenth century, ecology after Darwin and Haeckel and the modern era.As you can see, people have long been trying to find different patterns of interaction between living beings.There are many ancient works devoted to the domestication of animals, or their struggles over disputed territory.
The modern science is basically the optimization of human activities related to the use of natural resources.Exploring new methods of use, designed control station and regulations.Every effort is made to ensure the harmonious existence of all life on the planet.