Jean Bernard Leon Foucault

Perhaps childhood little Leon Foucault, like any inquisitive child with admiration and curiosity watched the rotation of a simple wooden top.His property has been of interest rapidly rotating around its own axis of the disk to maintain a constant position of the axis of rotation in space.Growing up and becoming the already well-known scientist, a French scientist Jean Bernard Leon Foucault used the ability of spinning disk to prove the Earth's rotation.The experiment was conducted in 1852.L. Foucault gave constructed a device with three degrees of freedom of the name of the gyroscope.Translated from the Greek word means "to observe the rotation."


Gyro Gyro (gyroscope) is any solid physical body, rapidly rotating around its ax
is of symmetry and thereby preserving the stability of the direction of the axis - the axis of the gyroscope.Examples of the gyroscope is a planet solar systems, artillery shells and bullets fired from a rifled barrel, the rotors in electrical machines and turbines.These properties are rapidly rotating disk in the universal joint is now widely used in the aviation and maritime navigation as an instrument to determine the cardinal points (gyro) and stabilizing devices.

From the history of navigation

ancient mariners, even though people were brave, but made their transition to the ground along the coasts of relatives, trying not to go beyond the limits of visibility.Swimming without the risk of getting lost in the vast ocean became possible only with the beginning of widespread use of magnetic compass.This happened in Europe in X-XI centuries.It is said that the Chinese used a magnetized arrow to define the sides of the horizon yet for 3000 years BC.The appearance of a ship floating in the binnacle compass rose fluid, always find their way to the north, it has expanded opportunities of navigation allowed to make transoceanic crossings.However, the magnetic compass readings require constant adjustments and corrections for the magnetic variation and deviation.

gyromagnetic compass (gyro)

gyromagnetic compass - a device, which is the main mechanism for a gyroscope.With its help determine the course of the aircraft or vessel to the true - the geographical meridian.Advantages gyrocompass before magnetic sibling consist in the fact that its readings to a much lesser degree affected by the electromagnetic fields surrounding the movable body and the metal.Also features a high precision gyro in a maneuver.