Bor is a gray, colorless or red crystalline amorphous material.In hardness it ranked second among all substances (after diamond).Bor fairly inert chemically, especially in its crystalline form.In the plastic state material passes at a temperature above 2000 ° C.
Natural boron consists of two isotopes, each of them is stable.It is known him ten allo-tropic modifications of their formation is determined by the temperature at which the boron is obtained.Crystal lattice of all modifications of the icosahedron electron-built structures.
Boron does not react with acids, which are not oxidants.When fused with alkalis in the presence of air, and also by reaction with a mixture of potassium nitrate and molten carbonate peroxide or sodium boron forms borates.
reaction with most metals at high temperatures, b
oron forms borides, when it interacts with the carbon obtained boron carbide and silicon - boron silicide.Silicides are crystalline substances that are not decomposed by water and alkalis and acids, they are used as refractory materials and as materials for the production of protective devices for Nuclear Reactors.
as the main method of separating a mixture of boron using distillation from acid solutions as bornometilovogo ether.First ether hydrolyzed to boric acid and is then titrated with alkali in the presence of mannitol.
Bor can be identified by a blue-violet color sarin or diaminoantrarufinom also find it on the brown-red color of Turmeric paper.
Boron is an essential component in many heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant alloys, its small additions increase the mechanical strength of steel.Addition of boron in the non-ferrous alloys determines the fineness of the structure, also boron saturate the surface of steel products, so boriding is conducted in order to improve corrosion properties.
Bor and its alloys are used as neutron-absorbing material in the manufacture of control rods of nuclear reactors, as well as semiconductor thermistors for inverter thermal energy into electricity and thermal neutron counters.The form of fibers is used as a seal of composite materials.