in Paleozoic era were carried out on the ground is really enormous insects: for example, a dragonfly, whose wingspan reaches seventy-five centimeters.At that time, the oxygen content in the air was much higher than today, which allows us to be such giants.Today, even the biggest members of this class have a more modest size, but they still look impressive.

titan beetle

According to the Guinness Book of Records, titan beetle - the largest of the living insects.The length of the body may be 16.7 centimeters, and that's not counting the legs and very prominent mustache.It inhabits this giant in South America.Titan beetle is not only an impressive appearance, but strong jaws, which he can easily break a pencil.Seeing the danger, the beetle begins to sizzle and tries to hurt their enemy.Scientists are still not
able to detect titan beetle larvae, but they suggest that their size should be no less impressive.According to forecasts, their length is 24-36 centimeters.

Beetle Goliath Beetle

Goliath is also a record.It is the heaviest insect in the world.Arthropods that live in Central and South-East Africa, we have a close relative of the May beetle, only very different from him in size.Weight goliath beetle can reach a hundred grams.Despite its respectable size, this insect is a herbivore, feeding mostly juice, overripe fruit and tree foliage.Because of their size, Goliath beetles are quite slow and clumsy, it is passed to spend a lot of time to prepare for takeoff.

New Guinea living stick

New Guinea living stick can not boast of his weight, but he is one of the longest insect in the world.They are capable of reaching eighteen centimeters in length, although most species still grow up to twelve or fifteen centimeters.Initially, this type of stick insects, as well as the name indicates, lived in New Guinea, but due to its unpretentious and impressive appearance, they have become very popular among lovers of pets and insects spread across the entire planet.New Guinea stick insects, as well as other large insects are vegetarians and prefer foods of non-animal origin, in particular the trees.