According to some reports in 968 Chinese inventor, whose name in historical sources have survived, has created a device that can transmit sound using specially manufactured tubes.A little later the phone was invented rope.It consisted of two connected diaphragms, however, its major drawback was that the conversation could lead only to a slight distance, as the sound could be transmitted only through the vibration of rope
All primitive toolsstarted in ancient times could only transmit sound through vibrations.Phones that have been able to operate usin
g electricity, appeared much later.Bursel Charles was the first to introduce into our lives is such a thing as a "phone", and that gave a clear description of the operating principle of this device.However, the creator of this means of communication was not Bursel.The scientist was unable to bring his theory to practical implementation, so the author of this ingenious invention, as the phone has become a completely different person.
creator of the first device capable of sending speech, Alexander Bell.The idea of ​​establishing the telephone came to him as a scientist involved in the competition to solve the problems associated with sealing wire circuits.An application for a patent for his invention of Bell takes in 1876.A similar application on the same day, only a few hours later, filed by E. Gray.But as Alexander Graham Bell had to do it before, then it was he received a patent for the invention, which subsequently changed the world beyond recognition.
device Bella had a lot of shortcomings, since worked as a telephone handset to the reception and the transmission of speech, and the operation could only be carried out one by one.Also absent from the unit alarm bell.The call came through the whistle through the tube.The distance that can produce communication, was very small and did not exceed 500 meters.Despite all the shortcomings apparatus Alexandra Bell, he, nevertheless, was a unique invention, which gave a powerful impetus to the development and improvement of telecommunication.
Later, many inventors from different countries became engaged in the improvement of the telephone and soon a phone that was once the privilege of the wealthy, is now available to almost everyone.