you need
  • compasses, colored pencil, notebook, ruler.
Put a point approximately in the middle of a sheet of notebook.This point is called the center circle well.Any other points that will be on the border of the circle and will be located at the same distance from the center.That is why circle looks handsome, perfectly flat, not sloping to one side.
Slide the leg of a compass at some distance from each other.This distance is called the radius of the circle well.This is the distance that the border will be deleted circle and from the center.Do not extend the compass too wide, otherwise circle may not fit on a sheet of bumagi.Vy can draw a circle with a given radius , such as 5 centimeters.To do this, attach the compass to the lineup.And one leg se
t to zero, and another - on the mark 5 cm.
Set acute leg of a compass in the center of the circle well.This leg longer will not have to swap, because it will be a support for further action.Hold the compass fingers of the upper part, but not the legs, so as not to move them, because then change the radius.
Rotate the compass until the draw circle.To do this, drop to the paper a second leg of a compass, where the pencil.And gently move the thumb and index finger, which keeps the compass.On paper trail left by the lead.When it closes, you get a circle - the circle border well.
carefully colored pencil shade the area inside the circle, do not intercede for the border.The entire shaded area - this is circle .