you need
  • ruler, paper, pencil
Start with the manual method of drawing, ie,on a piece of paper.Note on a piece of point A - this is the beginning of the vector.Then, mark the point B - it will be the end of the vector.Draw a line from point A to point B, and end with the arrow.All vector drawn.Do not forget to mark the beginning and end letters vector.
Another option - drawing in a vector graphics editor Microsoft Word 2010. Create a new document and go to the tab "Insert".Open the menu item "Figures" and choose a line with an arrow.Draw at an arbitrary position vector sheet, stretching the cursor from one point to another.The first part of vector drawing is completed.
highlighted drawn segment, you can change the line style (color, stroke, shadow, volume,
and other parameters), its thickness, length and type.To fine-tune the line, right-click and select "Format Shape."In order to deliver the letters over the points of beginning and end of the segment, click the "Draw the inscription."Draw the border, which will be placed text.Next, enter the text and click on the free space to complete the editing of the text.
And finally, draw a vector program Adobe Photoshop CS5.Create a new document by pressing the Ctrl + N or File-New (File - New).Now, on the left toolbar, select the tool "Rectangle".Then, on the top panel, select the "Lines" and set its thickness.Draw an arbitrary interval.Once you release the button in the Layers panel will have a new layer with the painted figure.
To draw an arrow to select a tool, "arbitrary figure".To create symmetrical arrows, hold down Shift.Move it to the end of the segment.Inscriptions are done with the tool "Text".To apply effects to draw a shape layer, click on the figure of the right mouse button and select "Blending Options."Add shadows, lighting, stroke, or change color.