you need
  • Paper, pencil, square, compass.
If no additional requirements to the trapezoid inscribed there, you can use the side of any length.Therefore, the construction with an arbitrary start point, for example in the lower left quadrant.Label it with the letter A - here is one of the vertices inscribed in a circle trapeze.
Draw a horizontal line that starts at point A and ending at the intersection of the circle with th in the lower right quadrant.This place is the intersection of label letter B. construction segment AB - is the lower base of the trapezoid.
any convenient way to draw a parallel to the lower section of the base, located above the center of the circle.For example, if you have plenty of elbow, you can do s
o: first attach it to the base AB and draw a line perpendicular to the auxiliary.Then attach the tool to the reference line above the center of the circle and draw perpendiculars on both sides of it, and the last one at the intersection of the circle with th.These two perpendicular must lie on a straight line and then they form the upper base of the trapezoid.Leftmost point of the base label with the letter D, and the right - the letter S.
gon If not, there is a compass, the construction of the upper base will be even easier.Put on the top left quarter of the circumference of an arbitrary point.The only condition - it should not be positioned vertically above the point A, otherwise the figure will be built square.Designate a point and set aside the letter D on the compass the distance between points A and D. Then set the compass to point B in the upper right quadrant mark the point corresponding deferred Distance.Designate by the letter C, and draw the upper base, connecting points D and C.
Draw the sides of a trapezoid inscribed spending segments AD and BC.