Fold s figures in mind, if the original number is not very large.If it contains too many bits, then use, for example, Windows calculator.He started by pressing the key combination WIN + R and typing the command calc and click on the button «OK».You can do the same and the menu on the button "Start" - it is necessary to uncover the "Programs" section, go to the section "Standard", then under "Tools" and select the line "Calculator".
Summarize digits s original number by clicking the appropriate button in the interface of the calculator, and then pressing the key with the "plus" sign.The buttons on the screen duplicate the same key on the keyboard, so you can use the interface and keyboar
d of your choice.After entering the last digit of numbers do not forget to click the plus sign instead of an equal sign.
use any of the online calculators, if you want to get a result with the least effort.For example, it may be a calculator, a built-in search engine Google.To use it, go to the system and type in the keyword input the number, amount digits which we must learn.Then insert the pros among all entered digits s and immediately see the desired result - Google will calculate all the "on the fly", press the button to send the request to the server is not necessary.
use spreadsheet editor Microsoft Excel, if access to the Internet and no calculator.After its launch administered sequentially digits s constituting original number by pressing after each press Enter.After entering all the digits you get packed column of the table.To find the sum of the numbers in this column to allocate enough of her - just click on the header of this column. sum figures can be seen in the status bar, along with their average value and the number of digits of the original number.