During the interaction of objects of the material world to a certain extent able to reproduce features of each other.The result of the mutual influence of objects becomes a reflection.This basic philosophical category and serves as the basis on which at some point in the existence of nature of any psyche, and later the human consciousness.
human consciousness does not exist in itself, but is a property of matter organized in a special way.It occurs at a certain stage of development of the material world.The characteristics of consciousness are reflected inherent in all forms of matter in motion reflection property.This means that th
e consciousness in a more or less precise form displays the features of all the phenomena of reality, including the relationship between them.
consciousness manifests, including as a collection of human knowledge of reality.The structure of this phenomenon includes all the cognitive processes and functions of the psyche through which people receive information about the world, enriching their knowledge about it.In the mind there is an integration of cognitive functions inherent in man.
Another quality of consciousness - a strict separation of object and subject.Media consciousness knows exactly what belongs to his inner world, and what is beyond it.In this sense, the consciousness peculiar distinction and the opposition.The highest level of development of consciousness - self-awareness, self-esteem including his actions and his personality as a whole.This difficult path of self-knowledge a person begins to take place as early as childhood.
important function of consciousness consists in setting goals.There is an integration of the most important philosophical categories - consciousness and activity.Performing actions and performing any action, one deduces the motives of the level of awareness, sets goals, makes changes, and checks the results of actions.All these steps are under active control of consciousness.
consciousness in philosophy adopted distinguished from the manifestations of unconscious mental activity.The unconscious includes many mental processes and states, with respect to which a person in a given period of time does not realize.Unconscious manifestations are also a form of psychic reflection, but they exclude the possibility of targeted control.