you need
  • Any item of silverware, washed clean coal sterzhenek from the evil batteries, AC / DC adapter to 3-6, connecting wires, glass jar, household water filter.
Silver Water is known to mankind since the time of the campaigns of Alexander the Great.Further pass ordinary soldiers were weak, lose weight, exhausted from indigestion, and chiefs were fresh, strong, vigorous, as if nothing had happened.

reason correctly identified who accompanied Alexander the great botanist and doctor Theophrastus: Chiefs enjoyed silver plate, which was not available to ordinary structure.Power, method of travel, combat load the army of Alexander were all the same.As sacrifices to the gods, then it is also considered important.

Oserebrennuyu water for centuries, before the era of great discover
ies, made extensive use of navigators: thrown into a barrel or amphora small coins for a long time kept it fresh.But the first transoceanic voyage and found a significant disadvantage of silver water: drank it easier ill with scurvy.
Nowadays all the riddles silver water solved.Silver water - water containing silver ions Ag +.They have antibacterial and preservative effect.That is why, and suffered from scurvy long drink silver water sailors: their diet was almost no vitamins and silver ions equal to suppress both harmful and beneficial intestinal microflora.Soldiers of the army of Alexander regularly ate olives, fruits, goat cheese, fresh meat.

Silver water is shown in many diseases and general weakness.But only if nutrition with enough vitamins.Industry produces many kinds of home and Ionator with silver inserts in household water filters.Popular design tools Academician LA Kul.There are commercially available and ready to use solutions of colloidal silver, but they are not intended for drinking water.
Silver water can cook yourself.It suffices for 3-4 days put into a container with a clean, soft (e.g., filtered through "Aquaphor") water, any silver object.This silver water is best, since Ag + ions, it shall be filled in moderation and without impurities.
Faster silver water can be prepared in the simplest Ionator, whose scheme is shown in the figure at the beginning of this article.Carbon rod can be taken from the depleted batteries.Use as a cathode object stainless steel is often recommend correctly.Included in the stainless steel iron and alloy components give negative ions, spoiling the purity of the solution.The power supply is well suited conventional AC / DC adapter or charger for a mobile phone, you just do not reverse the polarity.
incorporating current, continuously monitor the solution.Once around the silver anode (tea or coffee spoon) appears unclear cloud, the current is turned off and the water advocate a day or two.Carefully drained upper 2/3, this is the silver water.Lower third, albeit quite clear - withdrawal.
articles for the anode should have a sample of not less than 88. Therefore, you can only use the silverware.Jewelry, and especially nickel silver, contains unwanted impurities.Very good anodes obtained from the contact coordinate strings PBX;their composition - 90% silver and 10% iridium.
Best quality of silver water, almost like a "tincture on silver" can be achieved with the developed in the 60-ies in the USSR pulse Ionator.Modern designs use the same principle: the silver is introduced into the solution, and therefore pushes ahead unwanted ions.His scheme is shown in figure in the text.Instead of a power transformer rectifier fit the same AC / DC adapter to 12-24 V. The old germanium transistors can be replaced by any silicon structure pnp.If the stock is only the most widespread transistors npn, the polarity of the electrolytic capacitors should be changed to the opposite.Ticker, stirred solution - any Microelectric, at least from the evil toys.
Driving pulse Ionator for silver water