In the Old World platinum became known after the XVI century, but Native Americans mined its very many centuries before.For example, in 1557 a European Skalinter in his book "Exotic exercises in 15 books" spoke about the metal, which is produced in Honduras and that is very difficult to melt.But after the discovery of the New World by the conquistadors platinum did not immediately became popular in Europe as it has long been considered harmful metal.Such a reputation as a chemical element that has provided property is easily fusion of gold, and this used counterfeiters.Then the King of Spain even banned the import of platinum in the country, and already available in Spain to bring the metal outside the city and drown in the sea.Alchemists began to make experiments with metal only in 1820.
It is now known that the most massive deposits of platinum are in South Africa, China, the US, Zimbabwe and Russia.Platinum nuggets mined in the mines usually means the so-called placer oprobyvaniya.Since the metal concentrate is dissolved in aqua regia, and then ethanol is added thereto and the sugar syrup, which remove excess material HNO3, further thereto was added ammonium chloride and then dried residue obtained is calcined at 800-1000 ° C.
platinum color - silver or gray and white.The physical properties of this element are as follows: melting point at 1768,3oS in boiling - 3825oS.Platinum is also the record holder among other metals in its gravity and density, it is very little in the earth's crust.
Scientists believe that the chemical properties similar to platinum, palladium, but still shows a slightly higher reactivity.Moreover, it reacts only with hot aqua regia.It is known that metal can dissolve (very slowly) only in concentrate sulfuric acid and liquid bromine, other acids (and mineral and organic) does not have the same platinum exposure.In the case of heating the platinum is capable of reacting with other elements - sulfur, selenium, tellurium, silicon, and carbon.It can dissolve and form molecular hydrogen upon reaction with a volatile oxygen precipitate.
The most frequent use of platinum - as a catalyst in the alloy with rhodium.It is also very popular in the jewelry industry, medicine and dentistry.In the production of laser technology makes it special mirrors and electromagnetic relay.