This is a special instrument, called a heliograph, which translated from Greek means "sun writing" (in Greek mythology, god of the sun - Helios).The first heliograph was designed by the English scientist-astronomer Warren Delarue only in the early 19th century.It was a wide tube with special lenses adapted to produce an image of the sun onto a photosensitive plate.

heliography have some variety and are also used to transmit information on the visible distance by means of solar flares.Such heliography were mounted on tripods and used in the armies of several countries in the late 19th, early 20th century.

story of the instrument goes back to antiquity

In ancient times, peop
le have built a fairly intricate constructions and designs to monitor the Sun to understand what his strength.Monuments, extant - more than just temples.A calendar and an observatory - tools for the study of the sun.Some of them are even in our days.This indicates how important was the Sun in a person's life.

construction "Mays Hall" for a thousand years older than the Egyptian pyramids.This is one of the most interesting architectural structures since the Stone Age.At the winter solstice, in one of the rooms is something inexplicable happened;rays of the setting sun came through the tunnel into this room, and from that moment on day length begins to increase.Knowledge about the movement of the sun across the sky, and also questioned the many others previously unexplained phenomena.Over time, there were all sorts of devices for solar observations.

heliograph device and operation

Modern helio has significant differences.Such a device has all weather stations around the world.Helio arranged relatively simply.Its main parts: glass ball, polished from a special, pure glass, lined with the hours and minutes on the tape.They are fixed on a metal platform are oriented on the horizon according to the latitude of the place.

sun moves across the sky, and its rays passing through the glass bowl, still set heliograph, left on a black ribbon burning through the slot.This trail of movement of the sun from dawn to dusk.The clock mechanism, rotating the outer cylinder, making a complete revolution during the day;Thus, all the time slots follow the movement of the sun and the sun's rays falling through them on a fixed paper left on her entry of sunlight during the day.Burn marks on the tape heliograph interrupted if the sun even for a short period of time rose clouds.On clear days, the number of hours of sunshine coincides with the duration of daylight.At the end of the day, scientists summarize - how much time did the flow of radiation from the sun.Using the light-absorbing filters, make pictures of the solar disk.