parts Rooting shoots or shoots - the easiest and most common method of plant propagation.The easiest way to root sprouts in a jar of water, this method can be used with respect to virtually all plants, even capricious.Nevertheless, there are certain differences which should vary depending on the type of plant rooting.

Not all plants tolerate change of water in which there are shoots on rooting.Apparently, sometimes in the water accumulate the necessary metabolic products.Poor suffer replace rooting water shoots passion fruit, as a result, they may even die.It is desirable as it evaporates the water to refill them.For some

shoots matter and the amount of water in the pot.For example, the honeysuckle bank not give 200 ml of the roots if there is more than 3 cuttings for rooting it needs space.Of great importance is the leve
l of water in the pot.In order to escape formed roots, need oxygen present in water, and the roots are formed only at the interface of water and air.In deep tanks insufficient oxygen at the bottom, and this often leads to decay of the shoots.

Any method of reproduction in which cuttings are stuck in a potato tuber with a pre-remote eyes.Tuber while buried in the ground and covered jar escape and regularly watered.

parts Rooting shoots

shoots reproduction parts or layers, is the formation of a new plant on the shoots, are not separated from the mother plant.

interesting way of reproduction - air layering, but it is applicable to a small number of plants.To start with the length determined by the future of the plant and choose the appropriate place to escape.At this point, an escape is released from the leaves and along the stem is a few notches in the same place.On the incised places impose soil or moss, and the outside is wrapped in geotextile or simple polyethylene to start rooting.

Instead, the film looks interesting small pot, as it were, put on to escape.Pot for this is sawn into two pieces, and the bottom of the hole is equal to the diameter of the escape.They put the two halves of escape and secured by placing inside the same moss or soil, not forgetting to regularly moisten the substrate.When escaping root, the stem of the mother plant is cut at the bottom of the pot.

horizontal layers - it shoots, laid on the ground and fixed to it in 2-3 places, sprinkled on top of the ground.After rooting and separated from the parent plant.