Natural phenomena that can cause substantial harm to the people, called the disaster.They are of an extraordinary nature, life-threatening and can lead to malfunction of the system software.

Some disasters occur independently (earthquakes, fires), and some are the result of other natural disasters (the tsunami from the explosion of the volcano, the flood because of the tropical storm, etc.).

Earthquake Earthquake is a series of tremors caused by the movement of the earth's crust.The earthquake ground motion there.Depending on the strength of aftershocks, earthquake can inflict little damage and lead to the destruction of entire cities.

largest in the history of earthquakes occurred in the Indian Ocean in 2004, in Japan in 2011 and China in 2008.The Indian Ocean earthquake had a magni
tude of more than 9 points and gave rise to a tsunami that killed 229,000 people.Close to him in power was an earthquake in Japan.From it killed more than 13 thousand people, 12 thousand more missing.Earthquake in China's Sichuan province killed more than 61 thousand people.


volcanic eruption accompanied by the release of huge hot debris and hot ash and lava effusion.The most dangerous eruptions occur explosively.The most severely affected by the eruption of the city, located in the immediate vicinity of the volcano.So, in 79 AD by the eruption of Vesuvius was lost Roman city of Pompeii - it is completely covered with ash.Volcanic ash and carries another danger - rising in the atmosphere, it can spread over long distances and lead to global climate change.


The floods the water level in rivers and lakes rises, which leads to zataplivaniyu areas.The floods are the result of long and heavy rains, abrupt melting of snow, tsunamis, etc.

In 1938, China's flood, which was called "the Great."The waters of the Yellow River overflowed to the point that flooded vast territory.This flood took the lives of millions of people.In 1998, the same China, there was another great flood that left without shelter 14 million people.

Tsunami Tsunami is a powerful wave that occurs due to the movement of the ocean floor, or the explosion of the volcano.In 2011, Japan after the earthquake of magnitude 9 points hit by the tsunami height of 40 meters.