«Milk Wood" - Evergreen Hevea - today grows only in South-East Asia, although in the past it has been extended to the territory of South America.From its juice, milk-like, rubber making, in which the milky juice of about 45%.Milk is produced in the old way - by means of a circular incision of the trunk in which the liquid flows into a small bowl.Hevea wood is very appreciated, because products from it strong and durable, but can only cut trees with special permission and only those that are close to natural death.

Natural rubber protects the wood from rotting process, it actively repels moisture, so masters it is extremely difficult to manufacture of wood products that require bonding.

coconut tree

coconut tree - the tree of the family of palm, which is often called the tree of life, because the coconut palm - on
e of the few plants that are used by man in full: and bark, and foliage, and fruits, and roots.The tree is very common in the tropics around the globe.

palm fruit - coconuts in fibrous drupe which forms a liquid that looks like milk.Thereafter, it hardens and becomes a so-called coconut oil.The taste and nutritional properties or milk or butter product does not look like a village.Unlike coconut tree Hevea product is used in food, used in the composition of natural cosmetics, the oil used in the manufacture of soap.


Brosimum useful (lat. Brosimum utile) - a tree that really gives milk.You can also find this tree called brosium galaktodendron or galaktodendron useful (Galactodendron).Residents and guests of Central and South America can enjoy this natural wonder, since this is where the tree grows milk.

Surprisingly, the fruit of the tree do not eat, but from the stem of the plant extract sap.To do this, special cuts and milk was collected into a container.Per hour can be prepared up to one liter nutrient viscous liquid.Moreover, the juice is not harmful and non-toxic, for its taste and nutritional value of it is similar to cow's milk. Juice Brosimuma quite tasty and useful, they nurse their infants locals, because in a tropical climate, it can be stored for a week.

course that solidifies the milk is more like a wax rather than oil.But the application and found it - formed of the substances make candles and chewing gum.