And some salt - copper

There is a group of metals in the world, thanks to which mankind and the proper place.Copper takes in this group a place of honor.As a metal, it is widely used in our days.Due to copper largely held electric revolution that provided the basis of modern industry.

But copper is used not only in industry, she and her connections are constantly in demand and in agriculture, and medicine, and in everyday life.In particular, these words can be fully attributed to the most important copper salt - copper sulphate CuSO4.

being a strong electrolyte, CuSO4 is a small white crystals, readily soluble in water.Copper sulfate has no taste or smell.On the positive properties of the substance should also include its non-flammability.

copper sulfate upon contact with the small amount of moisture enters into the
reaction with it, thereby forming a copper sulfate CuSO4 • 5H2O, better known as copper sulfate.This material is characterized by a bright blue crystals.

most important salt

copper sulfate typically prepared by dissolving copper waste dilute sulfuric acid.The reaction of Cu (OH) 2 + H2SO4 → CuSO4 + H2O obtained copper sulfate.
interesting feature of copper sulfate - change color in the presence of water - is used to determine the presence of moisture in organic liquids.Under laboratory conditions, using a copper sulfate dehydrate ethanol.

Copper sulphate CuSO4 • 5H2O are widely used in agriculture for dressing before sowing crops for controlling harmful fungi spores, the destruction of phylloxera, the treatment of plants against fungal diseases and in many other cases.Most often bluestone used in combination with lime milk as part of a so-called Bordeaux mixture.

Copper sulfate is widely used in construction.It is used to eliminate the leak, the neutralization of rusty spots.It is used to remove salts from the masonry, concrete and stucco surfaces.Copper sulphate is used as an antiseptic and for treating wood to prevent decay.Found

copper sulfate and use in medical practice as a medicament.It is administered as solutions for washing, irrigation, treatment of burns, in particular obtained by burning phosphorus.Copper sulfate solution is used as eye drops.For internal use of copper sulfate is used as an emetic.