first touch IBM Simon was quite cumbersome in design and form is a brick.History has not preserved the name of the constructor, we only know that Simon was the brainchild of experimental, to develop attended Mitsubishi Electric engineers under the direction of Frank Canova, who presented a model of the world on the pages of the popular publication USA Today.The phone has been implemented the basic mobile phone features like calculator, clock and address book.Touch control it was not originally provided for the fingers, although it was doable, but for most applications it easier to use the stylus.Simon Price was about a thousand dollars, which was a considerable sum for the time.Despite the inn
ovation of the present invention, the spread is not received, and soon the company itself has ceased to engage in mobile development.
following references touchscreen phones are found in Japan.In 1998 he was released by Sharp smartphone.Another attempt to use touch control system in mobile devices has become a model Alcatel One Touch COM, say its creation was in control Etienne Fouquet, who in 1990 headed the technical departments and the most promising directions of development.However, these models have not received due attention and for a time on the touchscreen phone has been forgotten.
beginning of the third millennium also marked by innovations in the field of mobile technology.Actively begin to develop touchscreen phones, global companies like HTC and Nokia have released their own, more advanced models.The first touchscreen phones operate on resistive technology.Her idea is to measure the change in resistance between the screen and other surfaces inside the phone, beneath the screen.By pressing the distance between them decreases and the resistance changes.This system has its drawbacks like image distortion and compact design.In addition to the resistive touch devices to use as a capacitive, inductive, infrared, and strain gauge technology.
new achievement in the empire touchscreen mobile phone has become a legendary product from Apple - iPhone.This product was introduced to the world in 2007 and won an incredible popularity.In addition to the author's ideas of Steve Jobs and creative design solutions, Apple was able to introduce a team of multiple functions and to implement the new phone new technologies.The most revolutionary system was the "multitouch", implying the simultaneous control of several fingers, which had not been foreseen in any smartphone.
Production touchscreen phones are currently engaged in the company with a worldwide reputation, continuing to improve the design and functionality, making smartphones confidently took the leading position among other mobile devices.