Archaeological findings give grounds to assert that humanity began to form more than two million years ago in eastern Africa.But there are some findings that allow a person to push back the date of separation from nature for another two or three million years into the past.In those days began a slow transition from the wood of human ancestors to a terrestrial lifestyle.
Originating in one place on the planet, mankind for thousands of years to spread over other continents, opening up new space for living.The main factor that prompted the migration has been a dramatic change in the cl
imate and the depletion of wildlife.In search of food ancestors of modern man were forced to master walking upright and moved to remote regions.
just a few thousand years have been mastered vast areas of Asia, Europe, Australia and Oceania.At least, about 35 thousand. Years ago, people settled on the two American continents.At that time, the basis of human society continued to be gathering, hunting and fishing.Tribes often led a nomadic life as dependent on the migration of animals.
change in lifestyle of people affected their development.About 40 thousand. Years ago, people found that the appearance of which has been preserved to this day.Daily activities contributed to the development of complex work skills, thinking and speech.Language has become the means by which turned out to be possible to transfer knowledge and experience to other generations.
transition to a sedentary lifestyle has opened a new stage in the development of mankind.Most developed nations began to move away from hunting, switching to farming and breeding of domestic animals.Thus it appeared the first in the history of mankind the division of labor.Agricultural activity has substantially reduced the dependence of man from nature and hunting success.
Around the 4th millennium BC began to form the first known in the history of civilization.The basis for them to become the largest and most fertile rivers of the world - the Euphrates, the Tigris and the Nile.Arable climate contributed to the development of human activities.The society began to emerge the beginnings of state, form stable social structure.In Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt, the first time mankind has passed from the primitive state to a class society based on slavery.