Physical and chemical properties of butyl alcohol

primary butyl alcohol (or butanol) - is a colorless liquid with a characteristic smell of fusel oil.It has a slightly oily texture.Soluble in water and in many organic solvents in specific proportions.The resulting mixture, depending on the solvent, has a different boiling point.This value also influences the concentration of butanol in the solution.

By its chemical properties of butyl alcohol belongs to the aliphatic alcohols.He is able to oxidize.In this form carbonyl compounds (e.g., butyraldehyde).In the reaction with pentane at a temperature of about 10 degrees form borate.In conjunction with the aldehydes form acetals or ketals.

Modifications butyl alcohol and its preparation

Butyl alcohol has four versions that have different molecular structure, physical and chemical
properties.Tertiary butyl alcohol is a solid with a characteristic odor of mold.It is obtained by reacting sulfuric acid with isobutene.Another modification, isobutyl alcohol, fusel oil is obtained from by distillation.

primary butyl alcohol is prepared from propylene.The reaction should occur at a temperature of 160 degrees and a pressure of about 35 MPa.The reaction yields a mixture of isobutyraldehyde and butyl alcohol, which is separated by means of catalysts.One tonne of propylene can produce about 320 kg of butyl alcohol.

toxicity of butanol

butyl alcohol by its nature is highly toxic substance.Ingestion does not threaten human deaths.Poisoning is similar to intoxication with ethanol.It is found in small amounts in almost all alcoholic beverages.The vapor concentration in the air butyl alcohol should not exceed 0.01%.Excessive concentrations of vapors can cause cornea.

Application butyl alcohol

Butyl alcohol increasingly used in the paint industry.It serves as a solvent for many dyes, natural and synthetic resins, certain types of rubbers.Butyl alcohol - an excellent catalyst in the production of many pharmaceuticals.With this compound produces perfumes, artificial leather and textiles.Butyl alcohol is the main raw material for the production of surrogate alcohol.