daily dose of zinc intake for adults is 5-20 mg.Zinc is involved in the process of renewal of skin cells.Taking part in the formation of collagen, it increases the elasticity and prevents the early appearance of wrinkles.Zinc reduces allergy symptoms.Regulating sebum secretion, zinc reduces acne and inflammation, heals microcracks and herpetic lesions of the skin.
Zinc is involved in protein synthesis and regulates the growth of hair and nails.Prevents brittleness and dryness.This trace mineral helps the body cope with the nervous strain and stress.When a sufficient amount of zinc in the body in women virtually disappear PMS symptoms and stimulates the production of the hormone serotonin.Speaking stimulator of DNA synthesis, zinc is involved in building new body tissues and cell renewal.
This trace mineral helps the immune system, increases the body's defenses and helps to destroy viruses and bacteria.It may be used and ingested as a topically as ointments, dusting powders, and with the use of a food rich in these minerals.Zinc affects the condition of the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys.By reducing inflammation in these organs.
Zinc improves brain function by stimulating the departments responsible for memory and attention.Improves overall mental performance.The content of this trace element in active, cheerful and successful people is much higher than the laggards.In combination with vitamin A, zinc strengthens the retina, improving vision and increasing resistance to high loads.
large amount of zinc is used for the formation of sperm in the male body.Eating foods rich in zinc, can help protect against inflammation and prostate tumors.Most useful to use zinc in combination with vitamin A, it allows it to more easily reach the cells, strengthening them and promoting job.
In the case of excess zinc in the body, breaks down the immune system.She begins to function inconsistently.They are lethal dose of 6 g of this metal.Symptoms of poisoning include nausea, vomiting, weakness, dizziness.It is not recommended to drink water, stood a long time in galvanized pot.Inhalation of dust produced from this metal can cause lung diseases.Conventional zinc metal bears no danger to human health, harm manifested in contact with its various compounds.
most rich in zinc pumpkin seeds, veal liver, cereals, nuts, strawberries, oysters, green vegetables and herbs.The use of these products are able to fully compensate for the daily rate required for the body.