anxiety and doubts about the authenticity of his decorations begin to overcome a person when he observes blackening gold.Evil eye, damage ... However, do not make hasty negative conclusions.If more detail to understand all, calling upon the knowledge and common sense, you can easily dispel such mify.Delo that is used in jewelery are not "pureĀ» gold , and an alloy composed of other metals -copper, silver, palladium.This combination of materials is justified, and is designed to make jewelry more durable.All is good, but here are some unscrupulous manufacturers add more copper alloy, saving palladium and silver.This jewelry creations quickly begins to get dark, and sometimes leaves a black mark on the skin, and therefore, it must be immediately
returned to the seller.Another reason darkened gold feature associated with the human skin, which falls during the life of the fat, sulfides, dust and other particles, resulting in the formation on m gold film product.In this case it is necessary to resort to one of the many ways to clean gold jewelry;and here are your chain, ring, bracelet or earrings again become inherent in this noble metal bright yellow tsvet.Vpolne may be that the answer to the question - why gold blackens - lies in the frequent use of household chemicals, as well as a variety of pharmacological and cosmetic productsoften containing mercury compounds and leave the precious metal dark gray spots.Unfortunately, to get rid of such unwanted "pattern" has nevozmozhno.Ispolzuya various tips on caring for gold jewelry that is available at any jewelry salon, you can keep them in good condition for many years.And then these jewels will serve for a long time, delighting the home its unique splendor.